Posted by: Integra Massage | July 29, 2012

New West Yorkshire Men’s Circle

Heart of Man

Awareness, empowerment, brotherhood, wellbeing, ritual and sacred sexuality for men 

Reclaim the Masculine

West Yorkshire Men’s Circle

Sept 19, Oct 10, Nov 21, Dec 12.


0789 1579364

The Heart of Man West Yorkshire men’s circle meets on a Wednesday evening about once a month at a private address near Otley 8.00-10.00.

Each meeting offers men a space to share in brotherhood, to talk and listen, and to receive teachings. This autumn our focus will be on connecting with the energy of the King: the most fundamental archetypes of the mature masculine defined by the Jungian writer Roger Moore. The King expresses our connection with the Sacred, our sense of deep purpose in life and our ability to inspire and bless through our giftedness.

The circle will be lead by Nick Hudis, a well known complementary therapist who has a life long involvement in self development work and a passion for men’s work.

Dates: Sept 19, Oct 10, Nov 21, Dec 12.

Cost: £10 per session. £35 for the four session paid in advance. (please ask about low income concessions)

For more information please contact Nick:



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