Posted by: Integra Massage | March 6, 2013

Neuromuscular Touch and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels

3 day post graduate bodywork workshop with Nick Hudis, creator of Integrated Tissue Release and Tranceformational Bodywork.


7-9 June 2013, Whitley Bay

Integrated Tissue Release is based on five forms of touch: Fascial, fluid, articular, neuromuscular and and emotive.  Of these, neuromuscular touch  (NMT) works most directly with the “energy” of soft tissue.  On this workshop we will develop solid grounding and subtle refinement in NMT  We will also explore the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (an ancient Taoist map of the energy body)   Nick Hudis in fact first became interested in the Eight Vessels when he realised that most of the “power sites” he was intuitively touching were located on these pathways.

We will specifically cover:

  • How the energy body interfaces with  soft tissue via neurology, qi pathways and other subtle reflexes. How to tune into, release and re-educate stuck patterns.
  • How to go beyond “technique” through subtle “live” pressure on power sites which engages with the dance of the tissues” through touch awareness of defensive, nutritive and source (wei, ying, yuan) layers of qi.
  • How ancient Taoist mappings of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels differ from the TCM understanding and offer a  potent tool for deep bodymind transformation.

The course is suitable for bodyworkers and acupuncturists.  It provides an entry point into the Integrated Tissue Release system but also offers significant new material for existing students.

The course is led by Nick Hudis, founder of Integrated Tissue Release and Tranceformational Bodywork and stream leader for bodywork at the Northern College of Acupuncture.  Nick has developed his unique integrated east-west approach to bodywork over twenty years of clinical practice and teaching.  He is well known for his clear in depth presentation and inspirational teaching style.

The course will take place in Nick’s home in Whitley Bay.  Places will be limited to six students to ensure close personal attention. Cost £250.00.  £100 deposit on booking and early bird price £200 if you pay in full before April 24th. To register please contact Nick on 07891579364


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