Posted by: Integra Massage | March 17, 2013

Clinical Application of Neuromuscular Touch and the Eight Vessels

There are just two places remaining on the NMT/8 Vessels workshop in June.  And there is a £50 discount if you sing up and pay in full before April 24 (When I go to California for a 10 day retreat with Shakti Malan).

Someone said to me:  “This workshop sounds really exciting….but how can I use it in the clinic?”.  Well here are some ideas.

How often does it seem that your patient feels great for a while after a bodywork treatment but then the problem creeps back? The bodywork treatment has relaxed soft tissue, improved blood circulation and realigned the structure, but the underlying energetic patterns have not been shifted.

Why?  Because the stuck patterns are written into a very deep  and hidden level of the body-mind.  In Oriental terms they could be said to stuck at the threshold between the yuan qi and the ying qi, between the unmanifest and the manifest.  Regular bodywork is unlikely to reach this level.  Nor are most TCM treatments, even so called root treatments because they operate at the ying qi level of organ imbalance.   I call these  stuck patterns “Core Contractions”.  Here’s what I said about core contractions in an earlier post:

Some contractions are hardwired into our being.  These are our core contractions formed in our early years. Wilhelm Reich coined the term “Body armour” for this kind of contractedness.  He believed we armour against feelings we can’t deal with or have been taught are shameful.  

Core contractions manifest in your body in three linked dimensions.  Physically, as areas of tension; emotionally as held in  feelings; and mentally as beliefs, often linked to memories.  Tension in the buttocks may suppress a feeling of anger linked to a belief about lack of self worth arising from being made to feel shameful during toilet training as infant.

Core contractions are often expressions of deep rooted archetypal  fears such abandonment.  After all being born itself is a pretty big abandonment.  And perhaps the deepest core contraction is the sense of alienation from the Tao or the Divine that is the nature of the human condition.

The NMT/8 Vessels protocols are specifically designed to address the core contraction/yuan qi level.  I created them because I was looking for something to do after routine bodywork and fascial release to pulse the effects of the treatment right down into the bone marrow, the jing/essence and the source qi.

I find the NMT/8 Vessels work is particularly helpful in the following situations:

Complex long standing musculoskeletal conditions that do not make sense in ordinary TCM or western diagnosis.

Patients who are highly sensitive physically or emotionally who cannot cope with regular bodywork or needling.

Patients with emotional issues, particularly boundary issues including abuse.

Fibromyalgia, ME, chronic fatigue.


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