About Us

Integra Massage has busy practices in Newcastle and York, and Ilkley as well as visiting businesses to deliver tailored wellness programmes.

Our aim is to help you live life to the full, free from pain and full of vitality. Our approach is to offer you a service that is: 

  • Holistic. Following the ancient principles of oriental medicine, to address not just specific symptoms, but all aspects of your physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Individual. There are no set routines; each session is uniquely tailored to your specific needs.
  • Innovative. We constantly refine the treatments we offer by developing new techniques and exploring new and often groundbreaking applications for massage. The range of issues we work with goes far beyond the scope of ordinary massage.
  • Effective. Our treatments go beyond the idea of massage for relaxation. They are powerful approaches to a range of health issues that are comparable in effectiveness to osteopathy, acupuncture and similar therapies.
  • Caring. The massage session is a warm, caring trustful place in which you can relax, have “me time” and feel respected and accepted as a special person.
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