Feeling Good!

Integra Massage offers a unique approach to wellbeing for everyone who is looking for a realistic alternative way to deal with life’s physical and emotional challenges. Our massage knowhow has been developed through many years of study and practice. Our name highlights why we are different, through the unique way we unite this in a single integrated healing system. This combines the deep essence of best practice found in oriental and western medicine, the ancient, the newly discovered, the intuitive and the scientific.

So how are we different? When treating a bad back, for instance, we look at not only the muscles and joints, but also the impact of your diet, circulation, hormonal balance etc and possible involvement of stress or emotional issues to help solve not just your bad back but make sure you feel good about yourself all the time!

What’s more we enjoy giving you a smile! In a recent survey, 93% of our clients rated our services as ‘excellent’ based on the high quality of our service, the end results we deliver and our friendliness. They also said that they use Integra Massage services not just for the therapeutical benefits from our massage techniques but also the relaxation they bring too!

We realise that in today’s fast pace environment it’s not always easy to make time for an appointment, so we now offer clients massages at our clinics in North Yorkshire and the North East as well as corporate treatments wherever your business is based.

All you need to do is get in touch and let us operate our magic!

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